Open Education Initiatives

Open Education Initiatives: Open Courses
CIEE has been engaged by academic units of the university in partnership with corporate partners to produce two Online Open Courses, intentionally distinct in delivery modes, intended learning populations, engagement methods, and learning platforms.

Coasts and Communities
CIEE currently is producing the second offering of Coasts and Communities in partnership with UMass Boston’s School for the Environment. Coasts and Communities will launch July 14, 2014, and will be hosted in CourseSites — the public Blackboard Learn 9 platform.

Molecular Dynamics for Discoveries in Computational Science
The Adaptive MOOC, Molecular Dynamics for Discoveries in Computational Science, a graduate level course, ran for 12 weeks from March to June 2013 and remains available for viewing and self-study within the Adaptive Mobile Online Learning (AMOL) platform. CIEE sponsored this MOOC in partnership with the UMass Boston Physics Department and Synaptic Global Learning, receiving invaluable captioning support through the Liberated Learning Consortium.

Open Education Initiatives: Collaborative Exploration
CIEE is exploring a partnership with Critical and Creative Thinking (CCT) Graduate Program, which has since April 2013 hosted a series of online Collaborative Explorations (CEs) open to the public. CEs are an extension of Project-Based Learning (PBL) in which participants shape their own directions of inquiry stimulated by interactions in a small group through live sessions for an hour over 4 weeks and asynchronous exchanges and inquiry in between. The CEs often parallel, but are independent from, equivalent PBL cases in regular CCT courses. In contrast to MOOCs, a CE focuses on establishing effective learning in small online communities then potentially scales up from there. CEs aim to address the needs of online learners who want to: dig deeper; make “thicker” connections with other learners; connect topics with their own interests; participate for shorter periods than a semester-long MOOC; and learn without needing credits or badges given for MOOC completion. In short, online CEs aim to be “moderate-size open online collaborative learning.”

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