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Open Data Analytics Initiative
CIEE’s Open Data Analytics Initiative (ODAI) represents a first step in analytics ‘engine’ design, cross-LMS data management, and curricular study of recorded online learning events. Our research has shown that the mainstream LMS platforms collect analogous data sets regarding the details of learning. With our partners we intend to harness the LMS big data to answer key questions regarding how curricula are actually working, and how each learner best learns.

The Open Data Analytics Initiative is a consortium movement emanating from the University of Massachusetts Boston, forged to develop an LMS-agnostic learning analytics engine. Online college programs use a variety of LMS (learning management systems), each collecting data on learning and curricula, none offering a cross-platform learning analytics solution. For lack of an agnostic engine, data sharing barriers abound. Individual attempts to compare data are expensive, involve long implementation times, extensive training.

A consortium-build analytic engine answers many use-case needs:

  • Institutions using a second (or third, or fourth) learning management system, with legacy data from courses and programs of study in a defunct LMS tool are otherwise barred from conducting longitudinal comparisons and analysis of their own data assets.
  • Institutions offering programs of study not offered widely (such as graduate programs in Instructional Design) wish to share and compare data on learning and curricula with sister programs whose data resides in a different (or legacy) LMS platform.
  • Institutions seeking to answer research questions on eLearning best practices must undertake analysis of “big data” contributed by multiple consortium member schools using multiple LMS system in a world where none of the LMS-proprietary reporting tools enabling such study.

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